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Pilates Mat  

TPD Store: Your Pilates Mat Destination

Embark on your pilates journey with TPD Store, a hub of innovation and quality founded by Candice & Rhiannon in 2017. From our initial retail line of Grip Socks, Foam Rollers, and Pilates Rings, we have evolved into a haven for fitness enthusiasts. 

Recognising the importance of good quality products, we've curated an eco-friendly range of pilates mats made from recycled plastics, free of silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates. At TPD Store, affordability meets luxury, providing you with fitness equipment designed for practicality and excellence.

Pilates Mat
Pilates Mat

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Produced by TPD Store

Indulge in the sustainable elegance of TPD Store's eco-friendly combo mat – The Santosha Designs Combo Mat. This 2-in-1 rubber mat base and microfiber towel top revolutionise your pilates or yoga class experience by eliminating the need for a separate mat and towel.

Crafted from natural tree rubber and 100% PVC-free, the non-slip rubber base ensures stability during your practice. The recycled PET microfiber towel top, available in black, stone, or the exclusive "You are my Sunshine" print, offers advanced grip and super absorbency for a slip-free session. Designed by Aurora Art, this print adds a unique touch to your practice.

 Beyond aesthetics, our mats prioritise health and environmental well-being. Free of silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates, with water-based inks used in the print, they exemplify eco-conscious design. The dimensions, exceeding the average, provide an extended practice area, while the 3mm thickness balances support and comfort.

 Maintain hygiene effortlessly with a machine-washable mat. Elevate your pilates or yoga sessions with TPD Store's Santosha Designs Combo Mat – where style meets sustainability for superior performance.

Benefits of TPD Store's Pilates Yoga Mats

Investing in TPD Store's pilates mats opens the door to a multitude of benefits, including; 

Eco-Conscious Design: Our mats are crafted from recycled materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Enhanced Grip and Stability: The non-slip rubber base and advanced grip towel top provide a secure foundation, ensuring stability and preventing slips during your pilates or yoga practice.

Extended Dimensions: Enjoy a more extensive practice area with dimensions surpassing the average, promoting freedom of movement and versatility while exercising. Our mats is longer and wider than your standard yoga mat.

Hygienic and Low Maintenance: The machine-washable feature simplifies mat maintenance, promoting hygiene and our 2 in 1 removes the need to remember to pack a towel for each class, which is essential for a healthy practice.

Fashionable Expression: Choose from a range of elegant colours or exclusive prints to express your style and make a statement in your fitness routine.

As you explore our eco-friendly pilates mat collection, you're not just investing in a piece of equipment but embracing a sustainable, stylish, and health-focused approach to your pilates journey. Shop at TPD Store and redefine your fitness experience.

Pilates Mat

Elevate your pilates experience with TPD Store's eco-friendly Pilates mat collection.