Yoga Accessories

Yoga Accessories

Take Your Yoga to the Next Level with Our Selected Accessories

Since our inception in 2017, our passion for yoga has inspired us to provide thoughtfully designed accessories to practitioners in Australia and globally. We realised a gap in the market of affordable, high-quality atheistically pleasing yoga equipment that was met with practicality. This is how Santosha was born. Santosha meaning contentment.

Today, as our studio, The Pilates Depot, and the Santosha store continue to grow, we remain committed to innovating and enhancing our products.

No more packing everything but the kitchen sink for your yoga class, our Santosha yoga mat is an eco - friendly two in one rubber mat base with an advanced grip towel top.

Eco-friendly yoga mats as well as cork blocks, and organic cotton yoga straps - you name it, we have it! For all environmental enthusiasts, our mats are made from recycled plastics and are free of silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates, ensuring they are safe for everyone to use. At the heart of our business, we aim to help people improve their health and well-being with the right guidance and equipment. If you're new to yoga, we can help you find the right accessories for your practice.

Yoga Accessories
Yoga Accessories

Elevate Your Yoga Sessions Affordably with Our Durable Accessories

Inspired by our deep love for yoga, we create accessories to help you improve your performance, perfect your technique, and elevate your practice. Whether you're outfitting a studio or setting up a home gym, our curated options ensure quality without compromising value.

If you're looking for ways to update your yoga studio on a budget, we can recommend a variety of products.

Master the Art of Yoga with Australian-made Accessories

Enjoy incorporating yoga into your daily routine? We ensure fast and secure shipping, guaranteeing your purchase reaches you quickly and safely. Our high-quality products are designed for durability and comfort, helping you achieve the best results. Our collection of yoga accessories offers the perfect blend of functionality and style to keep you motivated, happy, and on track to hit your fitness goals.

We collaborate as a close-knit team, constantly striving for the highest standards and finding new ways to improve our products and efficiency. In addition to our premium yoga accessories, we offer reusable cups and gift cards for your loved ones. We value our customers and provide service that reflects our professionalism and values. Our knowledgeable crew practices yoga, and our products showcase our dedication to delivering high-quality items.

Yoga Accessories

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