Reformer Mat

Reformer Mat 

Our Reformer Mat: A Pilates Essential by TPD Store

Step into the world of pilates excellence with TPD Store, a hub of innovation founded by Candice & Rhiannon in 2017. From our initial retail line of Grip Socks, Foam Rollers, and Pilates Rings, we have become a destination for Pilates enthusiasts.

Revolutionise your pilates reformer class with TPD Store's Reformer Mats – the ideal companion for your pilates reformers. These hygienic, super-grippy mats offer outstanding support and cushioning, measuring a mere 1 mm in thickness and weighing less than 500 grams. 

Elevate your practice with the thinnest yet most supportive mats available, designed to enhance your pilates experience by providing a stable and comfortable platform for reformer workouts. Immerse yourself in the precision and luxury of pilates with TPD Store's Reformer Mats, where every session becomes a testament to innovation and quality.

Reformer Mat
Reformer Mat

Our Reformer Mats: Elevate Your Pilates Experience

A must-have for your next class, our reformer mats, available in various colours, including TPD Store branded options, redefine your reformer experience. Crafted from natural tree rubber, these 100% vegan mats feature an anti-bacterial, ultra-soft, absorbent microfiber surface. 

Easily maintained with sanitising spray, these mats prioritise hygiene without sacrificing comfort. With dimensions measuring 560mm x 975mm, these mats provide ample space for pilates workouts, seamlessly accommodating a range of exercises.

TPD Store's Reformer Mats are the epitome of support, grip, and hygiene. You can explore the colour options and make a statement in your pilates reformer class, combining style with unparalleled functionality.

The Benefits of TPD Store's Reformer Mat

Unlock a range of benefits with TPD Store's Reformer Mats:

Hygienic Innovation: Crafted from natural tree rubber and featuring an anti-bacterial microfiber surface, these mats prioritise hygiene, providing a clean and safe environment for your pilates practice.

Superior Grip and Support: With a super grippy texture, these mats offer unparalleled support and cushioning, measuring a thin 1 mm and weighing less than 500 grams, ensuring comfort without compromising performance.

Vegan and Environmentally Friendly: The mats are 100% vegan, made from natural tree rubber, and contribute to environmental sustainability, aligning with TPD Store's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Versatile Colour Options: Choose from a variety of colours, including TPD Store branded mats, to personalise your pilates reformer experience and make a stylish statement.

Easy Maintenance: The mats are easily cleanable with sanitising spray, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine for a consistently hygienic pilates practice.

Reformer Mat

Invest in your pilates journey with TPD Store's Reformer Mats – where quality, innovation, and style converge to redefine your reformer experience.